hello, is anybody out there?

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I suppose it’s a familiar story. One that happens to most bloggers at some point. It goes like this, girl starts blog in the hopes of chronicling a somewhat creative and what she thinks to be an interesting life. If nobody reads it then at least it will be a way of keeping out of town relatives in touch with the family. Then girl gets busy with Christmas baking, making and volunteering. Add in the school winter break and a daycare hiatus mixed with the chaos of having two children home at the same time, one of which is recovering from a pretty major surgery, plus the regular holiday hustle and bustle, and craft fairs to attend and participate in and well you can see where it gets pretty difficult to keep the old blog updated.

I haven’t been taking many pictures over the last few months but there have been some pretty good projects completed. Here are just a few highlights.

I made a fibre garland out of scraps from the felted wool sweater stockings that I made for the fairs this year. It was such a great way to use up scraps that I couldn’t bear to toss and it was a great meditative practice for those tired evenings when I was restless and just couldn’t go to sleep without doing something creative.

Another crafty highlight was volunteering at the school and making over one hundred hand rolled beeswax candles with the children from kindergarten to grade three. I loved watching them get excited over the smell, the feel and the instant gratification in rolling up a beautiful candle to give as a gift. With all of the budget cuts recently, the schools are really strapped for interesting art supplies. It was wonderful to work with something other than construction paper and white glue and it has me thinking about ways to bring craft to the school without breaking the bank but yet respecting the children’s need and desire for good sturdy materials. There are a few things that I’ve seen that I might bring up at the next PAC meeting. Ah the life of a public school mother. I’ll let you know if anything comes of it.

Then of course there were the pop up cards that my boy was determined to make for everyone he knew. What fun!

There was a makeshift playmobil/schleich and star house nativity nestled in a bed of sheep’s wool. That was a lot of fun to make and only required a quick trip on Christmas eve to find a camel. Apparently caribou, cactus pups and polar bears are all nice additions but in order to make a really good nativity, you need a camel. Scale is not however an issue when you are six. Thank goodness!

Despite not making a single gift, which was pretty disappointing for me, I did manage to find wonderful one-of-a-kind pieces for many on my list and was so lucky to receive one of these teapots! My sweet hubby even had her fill it up with water to make sure it doesn’t leak. But the best experience that I had was when I saw the light go off in my older son’s eyes. He realized what one-of-a-kind really meant. That when he bought a stuffed rocket ship for his brother, the person who sold it to him had made only one and there wasn’t another one in the whole world. That was real Christmas magic.


2 responses to “hello, is anybody out there?

  1. Wow – sounds like life is keeping you very busy! Me, too – I find it hard to make the time to blog, but I still enjoy reading what everyone else is up to…which is why I’m here leaving you a comment. It’s still a good way to keep in touch with people you know but don’t see very often.

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