advent 2009

We have officially retired the “temporary” advent calendar that has seen us through the past few years. Those little activities and gifts have become a staple in our holiday traditions. I’m using a lot of the same activities but I’ve been adding in a little more reverence for the Christmas story (the one with Jesus, not Santa). I discovered this little activity that we started on Sunday. I’m sure there are other non-secular advent traditions out there too. What I liked about it was that it’s a nice short little lesson (for those two-year-old attention spans) and it’s kind of peaceful too. I am also working with our local neighborhood house to provide a hamper for a family in need. Our kids are still a little too young to be volunteering at a soup kitchen but perhaps they will get a similar experience from choosing gifts for a child in need.

I made the new advent calendar out of simple muslin bags. Sharilyn has a great tutorial here if you are interested. Mine were about half the size of the ones in her tutorial. I used number stamps and black screen printing ink for the numbers. I’m pretty happy with it’s simple look. I find that too many decorations at once can be a bit overwhelming.

And the houses are from a local craftsperson, mud puppy clayworks. We’ve been collecting them for years and use them as our Christmas village. Each one houses a little tea light.

Hope you are all having a great first day of advent.


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