no time for scratch cake

sacha chef hat

The life of the second child seems short-shrifted in so many ways. The change of the seasons bring hand-me-downs and second had toys. Photos are not as frequent and time is limited. Cuddles usually involve the whole family and less attention is paid to the little things.

And so with the second child’s second birthday, the cake is from a box, the gifts are wrapped minutes before opening and the party is a little smaller and a little simpler.

I am so lucky that my little two-year-old is such an amenable guy who really sees the positive side of things. He loves wearing his big brother’s old clothes. He has no idea that the toys he is playing with have been much loved before him. And he loves our family dog-pile cuddles in the mornings.

Last night we celebrated the eve of his second birthday with a crackling fire and hot chocolate in the living room. Plenty of quilts and snuggles were on hand and despite a few spills we had a lovely, quiet time. Earlier in the day, my oldest reminded me that we need to slow down a bit when he hollered after many tears that our house was too busy and it was all too much for him.

And so things are simpler and quieter and that’s okay. I’m so grateful for the lessons that I learn from each of my young men. And so happy to be celebrating this special little second birthday. This little guy has brought so much joy and adventure into our lives and we are all the better for it.

Happy birthday my little man!


2 responses to “no time for scratch cake

  1. my goodness. I cannot believe he’s so very big!

  2. I know! No more babies in our home. Just my little men. Bittersweet.

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