As a family we are pretty tight. We tend to move about the house in a herd with no one straying too far from the group. We do not sprawl or separate often. Last weekend was a departure from our usual connectedness and we all felt it. The boys headed off for a weekend at grandma’s and I stayed home for some catch-up and rest. I did manage to get a lot done but it certainly felt strange to come home from errands to a quiet house with everything exactly where I left it. I even went the whole weekend without picking up the broom!

One of my projects was this little basket of goodies. Peter and I are leaving today for a four day trip to Portland to celebrate our tenth anniversary. Grandma will be here keeping the routine going. The boys just love her so it will be a nice little vacation for them too. While I am super excited about going I am so going to miss the boys. So of course some therapeutic crafting was in order.

basket of goodies

Using an old copy of a children’s encyclopedia, I made little notes for each of the days that we are going away. The idea is that each day, the boys will have a small token to remember us and to remind them how much we love them.

Today’s token were these little owls that I made from some upholstery fabric samples. It sure is nice to have an interior designer for a friend! Sacha immediately tried to put his in his pocket. He is all about collecting and pocketing things these days.


For one of the other packages, I made some stamps out of more pictures from the encyclopedia. I used the recipe from Salt and Chocolate to make the glue. I also made on of the boy’s favourites – mommy’s homemade pants and for the last package I put in a book and a puzzle to share. It was really nice to get back to some personal crafting after working so hard on making things for the upcoming holiday craft show season. I’d almost forgotten how much fun it can be to spontaneously come up with an idea and watch it come to life. It was a good lesson in keeping the joy in the work.


2 responses to “connected

  1. What a great idea. I love the thought of them having a little package to open each day.

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