collage collage

When we bought our inner city home 6 years ago, the neighbourhood was improving but it was still difficult to find certain necessities and I wasn’t able to always walk for all of my errands. Things are getting so much better, the streets are generally safer and I love how the community really pulls together. We now have a brand new library, we’re getting a supermarket, a specialty grocer and a drugstore. I couldn’t imagine how much I would miss having a high street until I didn’t have one.

There is one funny little corner that sits in a triangle between three super busy streets. It didn’t have much to recommend it until a cozy little French bistro opened up and now there is an art studio/shop opening up too. Now this is exciting!

collage collage looks like a great little place run by a local artist. The doors are scheduled to open September 12. The class descriptions are exactly what I would hope for in an art studio for kids — opportunities to explore different styles, media, and contemporary artists. I hope all goes well!

If you haven’t heard of Marcel Dzama, he is a Canadian artist from Winnipeg (my home town). I absolutely love his work!



2 responses to “collage collage

  1. oh, this place sounds great! i had know idea it was there. and i love marcel’s dzama. when we were in toronto in june, we saw some of his work at the AGO.
    (and your roll up looks great!!)

    • thanks Kate! I met Erin last week. she is super sweet and has a lot of experience working in the industry. i think it’s going to be great. she is going to carry a few of my things too! a friend of mine went to school with Marcel Dzama, she really regrets not buying some of his stuff before he went gold!

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