rites of passage


Last year I watched him enter into the world of public school and develop new friendships, experience new frustrations and enjoy the energy of being in a group of wonderfully kind and generous parents, teachers and children. I watched him negotiate his world with some of the tools he had learned at home and with some new ones (for better or worse) that he learned along the way.

Well, the first loose tooth is another rite of passage with it’s share of emotions, and excitement. We have shared our news with almost all of our family and friends, documented it in a storybook and made a little tooth pillow for him to keep it in when it finally comes loose. Thankfully, he is still appreciative of my little fabric creations.


As exciting as the actual tooth part is, I was equally thrilled in sharing his new interest in making a book. For a leftie with a short attention span, handwriting and drawing have always been a challenge for him. So when he asked me if he could write a story about the loose tooth, I immediately sewed up a blank book for him to put it in. I think it will be a treasured memento for years to come. You can read the abridged version here.


But now I need to think about how to navigate the ever-treacherous tooth fairy waters. Apparently, she is handing out star wars lego these days. Good grief! I’m much more inclined towards a shiny two dollar coin.


4 responses to “rites of passage

  1. such a cute story! what a good artist!

    • it’s been a struggle for him. but he is getting into it now. have you ever read leo the late bloomer? that’s my son!

  2. Love the tooth pillow. I made a bunny with a pocket for my two little ones.

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