summer fling


Every summer I endeavour to do something a little selfish. Despite having a minor in English literature, I never did manage to read any Jane Austen. Nor have I read Ulysses. For some reason it has become a (rather idiosyncratic) life’s goal to read Austen and Joyce.

Well, Ulysses did not happen yet again, despite a renewed attempt. I just love the opening line: “Stately, plump Buck Mulligan…” but I can’t seem to get much farther than that. Perhaps it’s a winter read. I did manage to read Pride and Prejudice however and boy is it a good summer read.

It’s similar to a cheap bodice ripper in subject matter but infinitely more satisfying through the omission of any actual touching. And my goodness could I see a lot of similarities between myself and Elizabeth Bennett. The way she so deftly puts her foot in her mouth is something that I am more than familiar with. My sweetie likes to revel in one particular statement that I made many years ago (and have been trying to take back ever since) about Mozart being a hack.

Needless to say, I had trouble putting it down. Between finishing my gripping novel and my oh so neglected crewel piece I managed to fill my media-free evenings at our beach side retreat quite handily.


The pattern for the crewel came from Katherine Shaughnessy’s book, The New Crewel.

What a lovely book and such easy to follow directions. The patterns mostly consist of elements of nature (which I love) and they are pretty easy to follow. Even for someone like myself who is pretty new to embroidery.

I did have to resist the urge to rip out stitches and start over. I find chain stitch to be a bit tricky. But I remembered something that Faythe Levine said at the Handmade Nation screening about just continuing on and finishing what you start even if the result is not what you expect. It certainly isn’t perfect, but isn’t that just an excuse to do another one?


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