While cleaning out the garage and taking pictures of baby things that are going up on craigslist, I heard a little rattle in my camera. It must be something inside the body because after taking off the lens and inspecting and blowing (like that would help), it is still making a funny clinking-clunking rattle. Sigh, I love that camera and I’m feeling pretty devastated that something might be wrong. Off to the camera repair shop. Let’s hope it’s not too expensive. Maybe the craigslist profits will offset the cost. Let’s hope the blurry pictures do the trick.


3 responses to “clink-clunk

  1. oh. no.
    nikon fixed my camera’s flash quickly, but it was still under warranty.

  2. that totally sucks! hope it’s nothing big!

    • thanks guys! found the receipt. called nikon. still under warranty. now I just have to survive without a camera for 2-3 weeks – yikes!

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