return from neverland

Our past week of good old-fashioned seaside fun was complemented with audiobooks like The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, Peter Pan and nightly family readings of one of my favourite childhood books, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. So it was fitting that this pirate flag that I packed worked it’s way into all kinds of imaginative play. I love it when my subconscious mind works this kind of magic and it all seems as though it was meant to be.


Although it was difficult for me to let go of my usual busyness and give way to the relaxed seaside life, it did seem at times as though we lived in a world where china rabbits could search for love, animals could talk, and where you might see a little boy flying across the night sky.

So it was, with fairy dust in our hearts, that we ate local crab right out of the paper with our hands just as Captain Hook might have;


imagined furnishings for fairy houses among the ferns in the woods;

englishman river falls

caught glimpses of mermaids playing in the deep pools at the base of a waterfall;

englishman river falls 2

walked miles on the ocean floor at low-tide to clam town, sand dollar town, and even geoduck town (which I have to say, are rather disgusting looking);


and found wondrous treasures in an old country market.


Sadly, in the end the waves washed it all away, with only a piece of driftwood marking where pirate island used to be.


And we came back home again.


However, perhaps there is still a little of the island magic with us–we do find ourselves eager to hear the next chapter during our new evening institution (family reading) and I do find myself to be a little more patient with the noise, and mess-making that naturally comes with raising curious children.


One response to “return from neverland

  1. Amanda, Now that you are home and have so much extra time 🙂 I think you should take your writing skills and adventures and put them in a book. You have an awesome talent there along with your picture taking, you could go somewhere with it all. I believe in you and your talents and I know your family does too. Don’t just listen to me though. I know others enjoy reading your blog too. Love Mom

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