jumping trousers


Isn’t he just the cutest? One of the great things about coming out as a crafter is that you start to see the hidden lives of your friends. A sweet, earnest project manager at work made this. Turns out she is quite good at crochet. Now that is a skill that I would love to have. I’d love to make one of those crazy undulating stripey wave afghans that we had when I was growing up. But instead of rose pink and burgundy I would think about greys and yellows or maybe a rainbow blanket and instead of acrylic I would use the softest wool I can find. Hmmm . . . I’m smelling a winter project here. Hopefully I can get her to teach me!

Oh, and the name came from William. He is fantastic at providing names. We have a blanket named Charlie Pocket, a cat named Mr. Ted and of course our imaginary friend Harry the Crab. I love how kids have no preconceptions about anything and that a rotund little crocheted lion who looks like he is too chubby to get any air and whose legs are too stubby to wear any sort of clothing can be named Jumping Trousers. So fun!


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