summer fruit

summer fruit

When I started up this blog a friend told me never to worry about tending it. Afterall, it’s not a dog.

Well that is easier said than done. As I find myself here in fits and starts and as the days grow longer and more lazy, and as I drink more wine in the backyard, and spend more time in the garden, I find it more difficult to make regular postings. I often think, ooh I should blog about that teepee that I made for the boys, or about the wonderful book I just finished, or the beets in the garden . . . But it doesn’t seem to get farther than that despite all my good intentions.

So as the summer fruits come in and I busy myself with jam-making and vegetable gardening and playing tag and follow the leader at the beach I am not going to feel guilty when time lapses without a new posting. Even though I am not super comfortable with grey (as an approach to life, not the colour – which I love), I am going to give myself over to it a little bit and just play it by ear.


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