new little ones and other adventures


There seems to be another little baby boom on the way. So I’ve been making blankets and bibs a plenty. We had a little photo shoot with our not-so-little baby this weekend. It was so fun to see him smiling and running around again after his big ordeal. I can’t believe how quickly they heal. Thanks so much for all the well wishes!

A sweet friend of mine from work is expecting her first in the next month and it’s so thrilling to see her journey to motherhood. I feel priviledged to be part of it. I loved being pregnant so it’s wonderful to experience it vicariously again because it’s the part after the pregnancy that I’m not sure I’m ready to deal with again.

burnaby village 2

We had a busy long weekend recovering from the surgery, gardening, and visiting far away lands where you can see a movie for only a quarter. After a visit to the roaring ’20’s we now have one child who is going to grow up to be a blacksmith. I am in the throws of making a costume for him. He needs a plaid shirt, black boots, jeans, and a “leather” apron. I hope a vinyl one will do.

fabric bucket
And I made my first etsy sale! So as promised, I included a give away. This little fabric bucket is on it’s way to Australia along with a little bib and placemat. Maybe there is a baby boom there too.


One response to “new little ones and other adventures

  1. thx for your sweet words, A. it’s so nice to be inspired by thoughtful mama’s like you.

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