etsy canada sale starts tomorrow

I’ve joined in with a group of 25 Canadian artists for a one-week sale from May 18-24. Visit my shop for 20% off everything! I’ve adjusted the pricing to make it easier.

Here’s the best part – when you make a purchase in any of the participating shops you will be entered to win a giveaway made up of items from some of the participating etsyans! Visit Christina’s blog for all the deets on the giveaway.

Edited: the give-away details are still being sorted out. Check the group blog for updates as the week progresses!

Here’s my contribution. A cute little child-sized picnic placemat that rolls up with a button closure. It comes with a recyclable bamboo fork and cotton napkin.
kids placemat

I’ve also decided to add my own little give-away. I’ve never actually made a sale on etsy despite getting lots of wonderful feedback from the online craft community and making pretty good sales at shows. So, if you are the lucky first person to buy something, you will get a little something extra too! At this point it’s a secret since I haven’t actually figured out what it will be. Any suggestions? First sale has been made! Now to figure out the something special.

Here’s a list of all of the participating artists by medium:

beads, glass and wire


fabric and thread


Happy shopping!


One response to “etsy canada sale starts tomorrow

  1. Congrats on your first etsy sale!! Thanks for the etsy canada sale promotion!

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