inspiration wednesday


Today inspiration is close to home. My week long absence from the blog is due to a little one who needed surgery. All is well with him now. He has been such an amazing little guy, so patient, willing and trusting. He teaches me so many lessons in mindfulness each day. I’ve also been inspired by his caregivers. I’m so grateful that we live in an urban centre with a wonderful child-centred care facility. It made things a little easier to know he was in good care.

So what does a crafty mama do when she gets one week’s notice for surgery and can’t find a single size two bathrobe in the city? Why, make one of course. I started with the kimono pattern from Amy Butler’s latest book, and some printed cotton and super soft, unbleached organic cotton that I had in the house.

I modified the 9-12 month size pattern by adding about 1/2″around, using a jacket that he wears as a size template. I also lengthened the main pieces by about 3-4″to get the robe length. There was a little bit of figuring out involved with the trim pieces since the measurements in the book were wrong. Instead of 3 1/2″wide, they need to be the same width as the front and back pattern pieces.

The photo above shows an early fitting session before I hemmed the sleeves and top-stitched the bias tape trim. I swear it took as long to make this as it did to phone around and try to find one to buy. And since I made it without purchasing anything, it was very satisfying.

Here’s the finished piece!



3 responses to “inspiration wednesday

  1. Amanda, I hope your little guy is feeling better. I’m sorry to hear he needed surgery. I’m sure he had the nicest bathrobe though – It turned out super sweet.

  2. Glad to hear the little guy is ok 🙂 and hope you’re all recovering from the surgery. Love the mods to the pattern – and the fabric choices – it looks really cozy.

  3. I’m glad to hear he is on the mend!

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