recovering, tiny warbler, and w.i.p. quilt

I’m still recovering from all of the excitement that was Sunday’s event. It was such a fun show with lots of wonderful vendors and a great DJ to boot! Thanks to everyone who came out. It was so nice to see so many friendly faces.


I came home with this little guy and I am just loving him. The quality of the hand-stitching is amazing. Something that I would never have the patience for. Thanks Kate!

Now I’m starting to catch up on some long forgotten projects. I’m a bit nervous about finishing up my first quilt. I can’t believe I’ve never made one before. But I’m in spring cleaning and nesting mode so time to finish it up! I haven’t done anything on it aside from thinking about how to quilt it and already I’m starting to think about the next one. We are looking at bunk beds for the boys so of course that means coordinating quilts for each of them . . . It’s the planning that I really love.


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