I’ve recently discovered my breaking point. While I really can accomplish a lot in a day, sick kids put me over the edge and when I get sick on top of it, forget it. Other things necessarily need to fall by the wayside. So I’ll be taking a bit of a break from the blog to get things in order and catch up on some other commitments while our family recovers from a week of minor illnesses.

I leave you all with these happy images that were meant for last week’s inspiration Wednesday.

Back soon!


1. butter, 2. 108-365, 3. have a seat, 4. morning, 5. Lucky Heron, 6. little lamb, 7. easter gifts, 8. {142/365} springy, 9. }||{, 10. white, 11. 98-365, 12. at the greenhouse


One response to “blog-cation

  1. have a restful break, friend. y’all feel better. xo

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