no-sew birthday flag how to


In a perfect world, I would have lovely handmade (by me) fabric birthday flags streaming all over my organized, well-appointed house to celebrate the birth of my first child. In reality however, the house is in desperate need of a paint job and I only had time to hide the toys and make paper flags. But boy was it fun!

I was a little obsessive and made a tonne of them over three sessions. They only took about an hour from start to finish. It was a nice change to be working with paper instead of fabric. These are made from a pad of coordinating scrapbook paper that my mom found on sale at the big box craft mecca that will remain nameless. I used basic kitchen twine and about 4 glue sticks. I really underestimated the amount of glue these take. I will attempt to explain how I made them.



about 3-4 sheets of 4-5 different coordinating papers (12-20 pieces in total, depending on how long you want it)

cutting mat

exacto knife

roll of kitchen twine

4-5 glue sticks (seriously!)

cork-backed metal ruler

To make up:

1. Fold scrapbook paper in half. I used 12×12 square sheets.

2. Starting at one corner and with the folded edge at the top, measure 6.5 inches diagonally to the bottom open edge and make a diagonal cut.

3. Make another 6.5 inch diagonal cut so that the top (folded) edge becomes the top of the triangle and the bottom (open) edge becomes the point. You should be able to get two triangles out of each sheet.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 until you have used up all of your paper.

5. I found it helpful to line up the stacks of double-sided, folded triangles in a row so that I ended up with a repeating pattern.

6. Leaving about 3-4 inches at the end of the twine, slip the folded triangles over the string and glue down the top, and both edges on the inside of one of the triangles. Fold over and press and voila! Your first flag is in place.

7. Repeat step 6, leaving about an inch between each triangle until they are all used up.

8. Leaving another 3-4 inches from the last triangle, cut the twine from the roll. You can tie loops with the tail ends if you need to hang over a nail or curtain rod.

I didn’t measure the finished piece so I don’t know exactly how long it is but I’m sure someone with better calculating skills than mine could figure it out. Please let me know if anything is unclear in the instructions and have fun!


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