free to be you and me

I am lucky enough to be married to a wonderful man who embraces creativity in all its forms. Despite having a background in architecture, he hasn’t been encumbered by the craft/art dichotomy that plagues so many people and prevents them from just getting out there and making stuff.


Case in point. This little guy was a gift to me in more ways than one. One night, Peter just picked up some roving and a needle and started felting along with me, creating as he went without intention or even knowing how to do it. Despite poking himself a number of times, he stuck with it. Then last night, he joined my monthly craft group and finished him off.

It was so nice to enjoy a glass of wine, good chocolate and lively crafty discussion with my life partner and friends old and new. I have really come to love the excitement we all have when we share our ideas, books and projects with each other.

When the boys saw the puppy this morning they saw more than a little felted toy, they also believed that their dad can make anything. And all kinds of requests for little creatures came tumbling out of them. We have really made an effort to incorporate making into our daily lives and this was such a great expression of that ideal.

And now I have this cute little guy to remind me that when you just pick up your materials and get going, fantastic things can emerge. What a great reminder for us all.


One response to “free to be you and me

  1. That’s great! Three cheers for your very crafty guy.

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