art centre

I’ve been inspired by so many blog posts about wonderful family art centres but it was this one that finally put me over the edge. Once I had seen it, I new we needed one.


For ours, I moved an existing ikea shelf into the kitchen for easy access and started filling it up. Here you can see a lower-case alphabet primer just in case we forget how to write a letter, some pospsicle sticks, and a big roll of duct tape. I included anything we might need except for scissors. I just couldn’t figure out how to do that with a one-year-old in the house.


One of my favourite bits from our Montessori experience was the way that art supplies were organized. So I used recycled baby food jars to house colour themed freshly sharpened pencils.


This is a recycled box. I pasted a piece of scrapbooking paper over the hole to make a cute little letter-writing centre. It’s filled with cards, notepaper, “stamps” (stickers), and envelopes. I have hopes of making a mailbox where we can post notes to each other.


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