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I have to say that I prefer the easy clean-up of this pipe-cleaner snowflake compared to the craziness outside. Apparently this sort of thing happens every ten years or so. That is just about often enough for me. The logistics around getting two kids and two adults out the door is exhausting to think about let alone attempt, so we have been staying home a little more than usual and feeling more than a little cabin feverish.

For my part, I have been playing with my super duper mommy was extra good this year gift. I have been so lucky over the past few years to be able to use the sewing machine that I learned on when I was just a wee girl. My mom’s Pfaff Tipmatic 1035. It’s a great basic German engineered machine. It is super sturdy and easy to use. For anyone looking for a used machine, I would highly recommend one of these. It’s one of the few machines with a metal body. For some reason that is really important to me. I love the weight of it. I love it’s predictability.

For years my very patient mom has been hoping that I would get a new machine so that she could have hers back. But as anyone who sews knows, it is tough parting with a really great machine. You get so used to the way the bobbin loads, or the way you need to flick your wrist to pull the thread through the thread cutter. It all becomes very automatic. And for a girl who shies away from change at all cost, it was pretty tough to imagine this receiving blanket of a sewing machine leaving my side.

About a month ago, I needed a new lightbulb. The one thing about Pfaff machines is that they don’t use regular bulbs so I had to make a special trip to the Pfaff store.

I love our local Pfaff dealer. It seems authentic and charming to me. There is something about a sparkly eyed, white-coated and white-haired old German technician that inspires confidence. He seems to get it. His eyes lit up when I told him what model I was using. I could see that a part of him thought I was crazy for wanting a new machine when I had such a great one. But at the same time, I think he was secretly hoping that I would offer a trade-in. I was shown a few different models and then they dropped the bomb. I learned that these were the last models to be made in Europe. Apparently, Pfaff is moving their manufacturing to China. Some of the lower end models are already made there. My heart sank. I knew that I couldn’t sew on a flimsy, plastic-body model made in China. I talked to them a bit more, tried out a few, pocketed a written quote (just in case) and then left a little broken-hearted.

I didn’t think about it at all and then on Christmas morning there was this big box just for me. I cried when I opened it. My adorable husband has been yearning to get me a sewing machine for years. I kept telling him that I needed to pick it out myself. So, when a few days before Christmas, he got a call from Pfaff asking if I was still interested in the machine he took the opportunity.

I’ve been working on a grey wool tunic dress (Simplicity 2866). I figured that the first project should be something special and warm and just for me. I’ll move on to pants for the boys and more things for shop once I’ve had time to play. I’ve been so happy with how the machine performs. I was worried that the computer interface would throw me off but it’s pretty straight-forward and the manual is helpful enough. I will still get some user training at the dealership though. I love that it has extra space for quilting, and that there are not too many stitches. Since I don’t need to embroider turkeys on suspenders or anything it was important that the machine be fairly simple. Like our old 1035.

My goodness what a long post. I’ll post pictures of the tunic dress soon! I promise, it looks way better than the pattern. Who picks the fabric for those pattern envelopes anyways? I for one do not find them inspiring. But that is another post.


One response to “our new addition

  1. Hi Amanda! If you ever have any sewing questions about making clothing let me know. Our department at work is full of expert sewing knowledge. Especially questions about altering clothing when you have fitting issues. I always have fitting issues with the clothes I make for myself!

    I’ve tagged you with 6 random questions about yourself. Sorry if you have already played this game before. I don’t know too many other bloggers in person, so I’ve only tagged you! The rules are posted on my blog.


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