feeling cosy


I had a wonderful time at Got Craft yesterday. It was wonderful to see so many new and old friends. Thanks for coming! And lovely too to meet the very talented Ella of Little Red Caboose. I did a wee bit of a shop update this afternoon for those of you who were hampered by distance and were unable to attend. I don’t think I can manage another one before the holidays so now is the time to check it out.

Now that the fairs are over, I’m going to settle into healing and spending time with the family. I think my poor injured back suffered quite a bit yesterday and I know that my boys could use a little bit more of me. So here we go with making paper dolls, a wreath for the school fair auction, and fulfilling the little activities and treats that the holiday elves are leaving in our advent stocking.


2 responses to “feeling cosy

  1. Amanda, I’m sorry I missed “Got Craft?” yesterday. It sounds like it was a great event! I got caught up baking cookies all afternoon – but had the intention of going….

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