handmade holidays


Officially we don’t really start getting ready for winter holiday fun until December 1. It’s sort of a family rule. So that means we are avoiding the brandy beans at the grocery store, waiting to put up lights, and decorations and we haven’t yet brought out the Christmas CDs. Living in such a rainy city (hence the dark photos) generally makes it pretty easy to avoid the hustle and bustle. It just doesn’t feel like winter yet.

But we all know that to be ready for a handmade holiday season, the gift-making needs to start much earlier. And sometimes we need to be inspired earlier too. One of our favourite family traditions is to go to the Waldorf School Fair. Although it’s a bit early for us, we make an exception for this one event since it’s such a wonderful way to bring in winter. Every year we find new ways of relating to the gentle activities and crafts. Last weekend we ate lovely food outdoors, made simple wooden ornaments and beeswax candles and made wishes at the woodland pond. We are going to take this connection to nature even further by making more ornaments and candles as gifts from the children. (I knew I would find a use for that box of 1,000 popscicle sticks that I have in the craft room!)

And for my part, I’ve been working up some kind of a bean bag toss game since my boys just love to throw things and I’m tired of saying no all the time. The idea came from here originally. I’m going to take a crack at making some felt lilypads too. I hope to have pictures soon.


And to continue the theme of throwing things and using up small bits of fabric, a little ball from this pattern for the baby. I’m loving those free Purl Bee patterns. Thanks ladies!


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