on and off the needles


This little hat took over a year to make. For some reason I just couldn’t get it off the needles. I lost the pattern, found the pattern, had a baby, had no time . . . As a result you can see a little puckering that looks a bit like a seam even though I knit it in the round on dpns. I guess the stitches must have stretched. Lesson learned. Still, someone is very happy with it. He really feels special when he can wear something that I’ve made for him. He really needs that at this age where he is so independent and yet still needing me sometimes. As Peter put it, it’s as if he knows who he was and he can see where he is going by looking at older kids but he doesn’t know who he is right now. Growing up can be hard.

I used a pattern from Yarn Harlot that I got as a photocopy from my local yarn shop. The wool was a single skein that I picked up at a community craft supply sale. I have no idea what it is. I followed the pattern pretty much as is, I just added a little acorn top to it.


I’m still working on single skein projects. Thanks for all of the suggestions! Since I’m a little rusty on the knitting front, I’m now working on a simple garter stitch scarf. I just cast on 24 stitches in a chunky weight yarn that I have been dying to use. I got it at my local yarn shop about five years ago. Back when I thought you could just buy a skein of wool like you would a yard of fabric. Without any particular project in mind. I’ve since stopped buying single skeins and have decided to stop being precious about this ball and just get on with it. Because I’m using a variegated wool I wanted to keep the stitch pattern simple. I might put in a little button hole or a slit to slip the end into. We’ll see. I’m just happy to be knitting again.


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