Last week, the kids and I trekked out to the big box craft store in the suburbs. It was like any big box visit and I was reminded of why I try not to go to often. The store was full of stuff that we didn’t need and didn’t have much of what we did need. One of the things that I bought without thinking too much about what I would use it for, was a one and a half inch hole punch. Boy, do I love that thing.

This morning, with a full day of kidlings and tonnes and tonnes of rain ahead of me, I got it out and started playing around with ideas. My five-year-old and I spent about an hour considering pattern repeats and papers and punching and glueing and we came up with a cute holiday decoration. I’m sure that I’ve seen this somewhere before. It was super easy, satisfyingly fast and fun.


In case you can’t tell from the dark, rainy day picture, it’s a garland made from embroidery thread, paper circles, and a glue stick. You just stick two circles together with the thread in between and voila, instant garland. The great educational part was that my son is studying pattern recognition in school as a pre-math skill. So he was all about trying different repeat patterns with the papers. In the end it was a bit more of a mish-mash but it was great that he was thinking about it. The good thing about using a glue stick is that the glue doesn’t adhere immediately so you can kind of straighten things out if the circles get a bit wonky.

Happy crafting!


One response to “marvy

  1. I love that. I have one of those punches and my son would love to punch circles out to make that garland. Thanks for the cute idea.

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