some business

You may have noticed that I just did some much needed sprucing around here. I’m not yet sure about the fall banner. It may change again. Also, I finally figured out how to post a button to my etsy shop. I’m still not sure how a luddite like me ended up with a blog but here I am.

I have been thinking a lot about the self-reflexivity inherent in blogging. And thinking why do people blog? Why do I blog? Who will be interested? Isn’t it just a narcissistic exercise in sharing a lot of personal stuff with the entire world? Or is it a way to remember and diarize things that may be important to my family one day. I read a fantastic post about this very thing. And ever since I have been theorizing about the nature of blogging and how it has become such a part of my life now. It is so much more than a social marketing tool like facebook or flickr. And yet it’s a wonderful place for a shy person to get out there and meet people. I have met a few local crafters through my blog and through the show. And I am so very happy to have met another lovely woman and like-minded soul farther afield. And I am curious about those of you who visit this space that I haven’t met yet. It has been a wonderful journey. Don’t worry, it’s not over yet.

But it is with all this in mind that I want to share some exciting news. I am going to be participating in Maternal Creations happening November 21-22. It is put on by a group of wonderful people at one of our local midwifery clinics and I’m really looking forward to being a part of it. But I have to say that I am nervous and excited. This will only be my second show. I learned from the first one that two long days in a row is super satisfying but a little hard on my family. So this time I am only going to be there for one evening. I will have lots of children’s aprons, tea cosies, placemats and other goodies. If you are in the area, come on out. I’ll be there on Friday night and I’d love to meet you.


One response to “some business

  1. Oh! I wish I could be there!! Maybe you’ll put your extras up at etsy?

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