one more thing for the birthday boy

I’m thinking that the puzzle ball will have to wait until Christmas. Too many things going on here this week to finish it up. But I did get this final piece completed. It was heavily inspired by the work of these two lovely ladies. I used wool felt, some fantastic Japanese linen tape that I like to use on my tea cosies a lot, some simple wooden buttons and my favourite fabric of all time. I just found more of it online and I was so happy it arrived on time. Thanks Cia!

Now off to ponder a no sugar cake alternative.


4 responses to “one more thing for the birthday boy

  1. happy birthday no-longer-baby boy!

  2. cute crown! i haven’t gotten around to making a birthday crown for my middle child – and she turns 4 in two weeks! for a “no sugar” cake – do you mean just no refined sugar, or no sugar at all? i have made a wonderful honey-polenta cake with pistachios that had no sugar (but 1 cup honey) for tea with a friend who doesn’t eat refined sugar.

  3. Very cute! I made my sone a birthday shirt this year, but now a crown. I’ll have to do that next year – he would LOVE it!

  4. Very cute! I just posted about some crowns I made for my kiddos 🙂

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