We have a very special family event coming up next week. Our little one is going to be one year old. I can’t believe how quickly it goes with the second one. William and I have been making presents for him along the theme of water, and the colour blue since one of his favourite things is the bath.

The stacking waves came from here. The green submarine was William’s creation. He started with Ed Emberley’s instructions. (This is such a great resource for children learning to draw!) Then he carefully drew it in his sketchbook and then just as carefully copied it from his sketchbook to some unbleached cotton with fabric markers. I think we have a new art medium for him. The fabric markers were really easy for him to use and I love the precision in his colouring lines. He really got into it. He chose blue embroidery thread for stitching it up so that it would represent the ocean. He did about half of the stitching himself. We stuffed it with sheep’s wool and a little bell for jingling. Now he wants to make some fish and seaweed to go along with it. (Oh, and a light sabre for himself.) I can see some serious play value here. Maybe we can organize all of that for Christmas.

For this little house, I used the tutorial here. I found it a bit tricky since there were no actual measurements given. It was difficult to determine the relation between the sides, bottom and roof. But I figured it out with a bit of fiddling. If I decide to make another one, I would embellish the front before sewing it together. But aside from that it was super easy to make once I had everything cut out. I used some Japanese printed linen, blue linen for the details and grey wool felt for the main body of the house.

Then I wrapped everything up in some reusable cotton lunch bags that I found at YokoYaYa123. My goodness that place is full of crazy goodness and only about 10 minutes away from home. I love it!


One response to “gifting

  1. Your little house looks great, note to self, add some measurements to the tutorial or even better a pdf template!

    Love the submarine and have to agree about Ed Emberley too 🙂

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