quiet fall

William and I have been enjoying our fall walks to school. I love this quiet moment for chatting without any distractions. It’s such a great opportunity to learn about what is going on in his world. We used to walk a lot, and it has always been a special time for us. I hope we are able to continue to walk together throughout our lives. No matter what else is going on, we both seem to find calm when we walk together.

This is our first attempt at a fall nature table. There are so many beautiful ones out there. I think ours will be an ongoing work in progress and a reflection of the things we are making now. We are more of a Montessori family than a Waldorf one but I like to integrate little pieces of different teachings into our home. I think it’s good for the children to have access to all kinds of things.

The weaving (inspired by these) is our most recent rainy day craft. I was able to use up some small yarn bits while teaching the children how fabric is made. We made the loom out of some fallen tree branches, elastic bands and raffia.

Underneath our woodland finds sits a little piece of burlap that was embroidered by William. It has pink and blue lasers on it. I love how he is so interested in textiles and weaving and sewing. He keeps asking to use my knitting needles and my sewing machine. I’m planning to give him a little knitting dolly for Christmas with some yarn from my stash. I can see many quiet evenings in front of the fire knitting together. The sewing machine will have to wait until he is much older


One response to “quiet fall

  1. just stumbled on your blog. what a lovely nature table! fall is my favorite season for the nature table- so many great textures to collect! the weaving so lovely.

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