So this is what my wool stash looked like yesterday when I dragged it out to contemplate this year’s knitting projects. It’s a lot like how I’ve been feeling lately as our busy little family navigates our way through our tangled world. Both on the local level and on the global level everything seems so unsure and difficult. I try not to worry but I’m a worrier by nature and I can only hope that things will work out.

I feel like I am a bit late getting organized for fall but I am so glad that I spent the time with the kids over the summer and sucked the marrow out of those last days before school. But now it’s time to get sorted. I’ve recently subscribed to Simple Mom‘s blog and I’m so glad that I did. I am no where near as organized as she is but I feel like she is out there thinking about things way before anyone else so I can let things go a little bit and wait for the e-mail about budgeting for Christmas or organizing chores or whatever my latest concern might be. Over the weekend I used her suggestions and templates to create our own weekly meal plan template and a standard grocery list template. I think it’s these small things that will make the inevitable return to work a little easier. Only two weeks left!

But back to the wool. I have oodles of single skeins (and little bits) to use up before buying anything new but I find it so hard to use up existing wool without having to buy new needles or patterns. With sewing I can just put little bits together but I haven’t yet gained the knitting intuition that comes of years of experience. So I think we will have lots of scarves and little mittens since that’s about all I can think of making. Any suggestions? I found these on Ravelry so I think it will be my first project of the year. If only I can find my needles!


2 responses to “sorted

  1. amanda, if you go to my ravelry page, I have lots of one-to-half skein projects in my favorites and in my queue (bridgmanpottery, natch). I’m doing some serious christmas knitting starting NOW!

  2. I admire your knitting skills. I’ve always wanted to learn knitting…perhaps this fall is a good time to start. I too am from BC, Canada. Nice to find a fellow Canadian in the blogosphere. 🙂

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