Okay, so we had the post on mindfulness and letting go and accepting that I can’t do it all. But again, I didn’t intend to have so much time between posts. I’m still getting used to the new fall schedule, going back to work, dealing with teething, planning for halloween, thanksgiving and our little one’s first birthday. I know excuses, excuses. In the meantime, since I really have nothing meaningful to say, and since life seems pretty random these days here’s a list of cool things that I have found online recently with Christmas in mind:

:: stacking toys ::

:: knitting mushroom ::

:: portable highchair ::

:: scrabble tile necklaces ::

:: original handmade art ::

:: gentle art of domesticity ::

Oh, and I made this cake last week for some friends and you can’t believe how yummy it is. (I used the recipe from the book and not the one listed here.) Not too sweet, just moist enough without being fudgy and and addition of cream to the cream cheese icing is sheer brilliance. You really must try it.

And the photo, that is the woodpile on the porch of a one hundred year old farmhouse we were lucky to visit last weekend.


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