it really is a crewel world

One of the nice things about having crafty friends is that you find out about things that you may not have discovered on your own. Thanks to the monthly ladies craft night that I’ve been hosting I’m learning about all kinds of needle work. Next week we will be delving into crewel. This was the idea of one of my kindergarten mom friends who struggles to find time and space with three kids and a house reno underway to fulfill her creative urges. Crewel seemed perfect since it’s portable and can be dropped quickly when necessary. Of course, a new craft project is utterly tempting to me and I can never wait for things so when my package from wool and hoop arrived I started in after dinner and baths while the kids were playing.

I was happily stitching away, thinking about how much easier and ultimately satisfying crewel is compared to embroidery. The wool threads are sticky in a way so they integrate with each other and to the heavy linen twill. It’s rather like the difference between sewing cotton and sewing polyester. Without the slippage it seems so much easier to get things to line up

The house was actually fairly quiet (unusual around here) and I thought I had a moment to myself. Will was playing lego while Sacha was crawling about exploring. Nothing new here. The kitchen pantry was open but it is common for the baby to mess about in there with the plastic containers that I keep on the bottom shelf. After I finished my first thread, I got up to check on the babe and found him (freshly bathed and pajama’d) sitting in a 1/2 litre pool of olive oil with the slippery cap in his mouth. Who knew handwork could be so engrossing and dangerous. Thank goodness it was just olive oil, something that I have used to treat cradle cap and eczema on both of my kids. But good grief what a mess! Right through the diaper to the skin, all over his feet through his pajamas and all the way under the pantry cupboard. I don’t know how long that shiny spot on the fir floors will be there. Let it be a reminder: no more crewel until the kids are in bed!


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