wip: trees quilt

I’ve been doing a lot of reading and pondering and sorting through fabrics. I’ve never made a quilt and I’ve been itching to make one. Now I wonder if I’ve bitten off too much. After a couple of days of work (in fits and starts) here’s where I am at. A partially finished quilt top.

Fist, quilts are really hard to photograph so I’m sorry for the weird pictures. I started out with a design from Simple Contemporary Quilts. An art quilt with two trees, swirling free motion quilting and some circle appliques. I managed to use fabric from my stash exclusively although I will need to purchase something for the back and the batting. The background is an unbleached cotton sheeting. I hope it holds up. The squares are made from bits of linen and printed cottons.

I’m pretty happy with how the “tree” squares turned out and with how they look within the context of the quilt. I don’t know if I will do the circles. I kind of like the simplicity. Next step is to add the “trunks”. The pattern suggests using raw edge fusing but I’m not a big fan of raw edges over time so I think I’ll fold over the edges first.

I have to say the free motion quilting part is something I’m a little worried about. I might end up making a smaller quilt first to practice. Or maybe on a tea cosy.

Hmmm. . .

Happy weekend everyone.


3 responses to “wip: trees quilt

  1. Well I have to say I now have a sewing bug again. I am working on a new design for placemat purses. I didn’t know they existed. My girlfriend and I were shopping and found these awesome placemats and we were going to hand paint on them. She suggested making them into purses and I thought she was brilliant! Then I went online and found out that there were other brilliant people out there. Now I am trying my own design that is different from the others. What a challenge! I do have some good ideas and they will be handpainted as well. I found some other blogs for sewing that you may not know about yet. I will try to find them again if you are interested.
    Good luck with your quilt. It looks pretty good so far. I have never explored that avenue and I am not sure I want to get hooked on quilting too.

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