Pants are a big deal around here. My little one will absolutely not wear any pants that have zippers. You can’t imagine how hard it is to find decent zipper-less pants for a five-year-old without going the track pant route. So I have been using existing pants as a template and adding length and increasing the rise as necessary for years. This year I used a simple grey cotton twill and made them wide at the bottom to allow lots of room for jumping and playing. I added a little loop made from one of grandpa’s ties and a denim pocket so that it’s easier to tell front from back. We brought them along on our trip to Victoria this weekend and they were worn practically every day.

We had a wonderful time in a beautiful city. I would live there if I could. Staying in the James Bay area we were able to walk pretty much everywhere that we wanted to go. I love that we had such an educational and fun trip. I can’t wait to go again.

:: carillon outside the royal bc museum ::

:: beacon hill park ::

:: mammoth replica inside the royal bc museum ::


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