what I did instead of packing (and signing off)

A few nights ago I had some wonderful women over for an evening of freezer paper stenciling. We had such a good time drawing, cutting, painting, chatting, eating, and drinking wine that we are going to meet monthly to make things together. I encourage others to have a monthly craft night too. Our rules are simple, it must be something that can (mostly) be completed in an evening and be fairly simple to do. I was the only one who had done freezer paper stenciling before so I took the lead but I have to say that teaching does not come easy to me. Still it was fun. I used Lotta’s book for the stencils since I was so busy organizing the event that I just wasn’t able to come up with anything original myself. I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.

But today I am packing up our little family for two weeks in the Okanagan Valley with my family. Or at least I am supposed to be packing but there is always a sewing project to be squeezed in whenever a trip is in the works. I made the little clutch above from one of the tea towels that I stenciled. Now our little wooden blocks and rattles won’t be scattered all over the place.

I might post here and there while I’m away or not. I’m not sure yet. But I’ll be back in mid August with fall sewing. See you in a couple of weeks if not before!


One response to “what I did instead of packing (and signing off)

  1. have a wonderful trip!

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