little red goes to school

This package was sent off to Canada’s East coast this morning. It’s for a sweet little girl starting preschool this fall.

A new grey wool and red gingham dress from this pattern. I really don’t like homemade button holes (or maybe just mine) so after fiddling with snaps, and velcro I ended up modifying the button detail. I used a matching grey hair elastic and created a loop instead. It works quite well I think. In hindsight I should have put a bit of interfacing on the lining behind the button to prevent puckering. Next time.

A coordinating wool and gingham wrap with contrasting olive green zip. Based on one I have from here but child-sized.

A tote bag for library books, mamma’s knitting, daddy’s laptop, you name it. I created a full width pocket on the outside with a velcro closure so that nothing falls out. It’s also lined in red gingham.

And because it’s a Montessori school, here’s something for practical life at home. An unbleached cotton and Japanese print apron.

Don’t you just love getting ready for fall? Next up, pants for the boys and some back to work things for me.


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