why, oh why mr. polaroid?

We have so many fantastic pieces of art in our home that were created by my husband and his polaroid cameras. They include black and white photos, colour photos, photo transfers, and photo transfers with water colour painting overtop. They are such little treasures now that we can’t make more. I wish I could show them, but we don’t have any scanned in. It really hit home that polaroid was no longer when we tried to find some film and batteries on e-bay for our oldest who is obsessed with one of our cameras. I wish I could give him the polaroid experience. It is one of a kind.

Oh, and the case is fun to play with too.

The pajama pants in these photos were made with this fantastic space fabric that I found. He will only wear elastic waistband pants that I have made. He hates zippers. I keep saying, you’re getting older, we all wear pants with zippers and you will one day too. But then I hear myself sounding so arbitrary and silly and I think, why? Why not just make more. They take about half an hour to make. I don’t usually use a pattern, just some existing pants. Super easy and quick. Just how I like it to be.


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