while the baby slept or why I will never buy bias tape again

I was so inspired by the beautiful pictures in this post and I was giddy at the thought of oodles of bias tape. (It must be the heat.) So with a sleeping baby, a preschooler at daycamp, a studio without any white bias tape and a kimono that needed finishing before Sunday’s big event, I thought I would try it myself.

First off, it’s not really a bias tape maker as opposed to a bias tape encourager. It’s not like you put the fabric in and the bias tape comes out. It’s more like you put the fabric in and something resembling bias tape if you squint your eye comes out. Maybe it’s just me but I found it took a bit of practice to get the folds exactly the same width on both sides. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong. But I have to tell you that after half an hour of cutting, fiddling and ironing, I had a beautiful long piece of tape made from a lovely white cotton. I actually ended up with way more than I needed. And the best part is that when I iron it, there is no yucky chemical smell like the one that comes off of some commercial bias tape. How sweet is that! Just think of the possibilities. How about novelty print bias tape, linen bias tape, flannel bias tape . . .

The kimono and pants are for our littlest one’s baptism this weekend. I just can’t bear to stuff him into some kind of quilted satin pillowy pant suit in this heat. It’s been about 28 degrees celsius (82 fahrenheit) I think. I also can’t believe how much those things cost. So instead I used my trusty 3941 and found some nice white cotton sheeting. It is a bit more stiff and wrinkly than I would like but it has a nice linen-type of quality and it’s all cotton which I love. Imagine a nice crisp white sheet and you get the picture. I just need to get up the courage to set some snaps. I really don’t like the look of ties. I find them too bulky on a baby. Also, I adjusted the pants so that they are wider and shorter. More like dungarees. I’m not a big fan of tapered pants on babies either.

Only thing about this pattern is that my little guy is about twenty three pounds and usually wears a size twelve to eighteen months. I used a zero to three month size which just fits. Another confirmation that the good folks at Simplicity have no clue how big people really are. Or maybe they do and that’s why the pattern is out of print. I was hoping to pick up another one so that I could cut out the next size. I might just have to figure it out myself. These little outfits really are versatile and comfy.

And the grey wool in the background just called to me at the fabric store. How can you say no to lovely grey/blue wool suiting for less than ten dollars a yard and a buy one get one free deal to boot. I couldn’t so I took six. I’m thinking it might become a wrap and some little creatures. We’ll have to see. I’m also curious about printing on wool. I may have to try that too. With bias tape and grey wool in my stash the possibilities are endless!


2 responses to “while the baby slept or why I will never buy bias tape again

  1. congratulations on the baptism! Wish I could be there to cheer you on. Um, I mean, stand up to support ya’ll! Beautiful outfit, too. We used linen and satin left over from my wedding dress to make our baptismal gown. Yep, we put out boy in a long white dress. That got lots of comments. I’m going to look for those tape makers!

  2. I love it Amanda, works well with that fabric and I’m with you on the ties front. I agree with you on the bias makers too, sometimes I find it easier and quicker to just cut the strip of fabric to the correct width and then fold and iron the edges over by eye instead.

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