This is my friend’s gorgeous daughter and her little “baby”. Isn’t she adorable?

Nobody told me that the best part of making handmade things wasn’t choosing fabric or coming up with ideas or even seeing them unfold. No, the best part is what happens next when you start sharing.

This weekend was my first craft show. Something that I have been working towards for months. In fact it occurred to me last night that maybe I’ve even been working towards this for most of my life.

I never imagined myself as a creative person. I took up sewing when I was young because my mother and grandmother did it and I wanted to be like them. I made my own clothes in high school because I just couldn’t find anything I liked. (It was the eighties after all and if you didn’t like pastel cable knit sweaters and stirrup pants then you were out of luck.) Then I did a degree in communications and found work in marketing and print production because I wanted to be around creative people but never saw myself as having any particular talents. After dabbling with some graphic design courses and then having my first son, I came all the way back around to sewing for necessity. I just didn’t want to spend thirty dollars on a pair of pants for my two year old who would probably only wear them for a few months when I could make 6 pair for that price.

One thing led to another and I became reacquainted with my inner fabric hound and started stashing, buying books, reading blogs and becoming inspired. All that to say that I am hooked and I can’t get out of it. If I don’t have a project on the go, I feel lost. I just can’t sit still. Even at the show this weekend, I brought my knitting along.

It was such a wonderful but tiring weekend. I met so many fantastic people and shared laughs, and stories and trepidations. My show neighbours were all lovely women who made so many beautiful things. I was also lucky enough to make a few trades. It’s so great when someone loves your things as much as you love theirs.

My first little epiphany into why the handmade movement is becoming so strong was when I sold a little skirted bear to a rushing mom. She didn’t ask me anything about it, didn’t question the price and hardly even looked at it. Her daughter however, was enraptured with this one particular little bear and was lucky enough to be allowed to have it. I saw her walk out the front doors with it tucked under her arm and I thought I was going to cry. Here was my first little creature going off to live with someone I had never met before. Someone who loved it. It was a wonderful feeling. One that I am sure more and more crafters are enjoying.

There was lots of networking and some good sales but overall it was the excitement I loved. The thrill of having people look at the things I had made and be as enchanted by them as I am. And nobody said anything mean. That was my worst fear.

(Here comes the oscar speech – if you want to skip over it.)

I owe a lot of thanks to all of the people who came out and supported me. Huge thanks to Melissa for your words of encouragement. Thank you to Jane for introducing yourself, being so kind, and for choosing my favourite tea cosy. I love that fabric too. I hope you have lots of hot cups of tea. And the biggest thanks to my family for putting up with my dramas and going a weekend without me. You guys are the best.

On to the next adventure.


2 responses to “phew!

  1. Oh, YAY! I am so glad it went well! It’s nerve wracking at first, but you do get used to it. It sounds like it was an affirming experience. YAY!

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