shhhh . . .

This is what I would like to be doing right now. A nice nap in the sun.

Two weeks from today will be my birthday. I always approach birthdays with excitement and trepidation. Will anyone remember? What if they try to surprise me? I am terrified of surprises. It’s the perfectionist in me. When I turned thirty, I had just had William so it wasn’t a big deal. When I turned thirty five, I was pregnant with Sacha. Again, being preoccupied with being pregnant seemed more important. This year however, we had some really life altering things happen that resulted in lots of changes to our little family. We had some big family losses and gains. Sacha’s birth was the empowering and triumphal moment that I was hoping for. It allowed me to overcome much of the emotional pain of my first birth. I really started putting more time into making things to the point that I feel ready to sell them. Lots of big things this year. I guess I should celebrate.

My idea of celebrating is a little different than most people. I’m not a big party kind of person so I’m hoping to find time to go here to stock up on some essentials and to indulge in a little spa pampering. These guys really make the yummiest smelling products. They are not too cloying or overpowering. Just right. Perfect for a quiet celebration. Of course, a celebration is nothing without some yummy treats shared with loved ones. Maybe I’ll squeeze in a celebratory nap too.


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