One of the best features of our house is our neighbours. We are so fortunate to live next to a wonderful family of musicians who regale us each year with a big Canada Day salmon barbeque in their spectacular garden. There are always lots of wonderful people, yummy food and toe-stompin’ music. This year was extra special. Sacha and I had to go home since he was just not feeling well. William was old enough to stay on his own with an appointed guardian of course.

It reminded me of what it must have been like before we were worried about unsavoury sorts in our neighborhoods, when children could roam freely in their neighbouhoods. I’ve been thinking about this a lot since I started reading Last Child in the Woods. It is such a gift when our children are given opportunities to run and play freely. William happily ran back and forth between our houses, snacking and dancing and having a wonderful time. When Peter got home he was greeted by William who grabbed his hand and said enthusiastically, “Come on dad, this party is crazy!”

Well past his bedtime, our little party animal came home with his face painted and a full tummy.

Thank you for a wonderful afternoon and evening!


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