floral tea cosy

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Well, things are moving really fast here and the reality of all this making is setting in. My talented and clever friend has finished the artwork for a logo and has developed a web banner for my etsy shop and business cards (that arrived today!) Clever lad that he is, he had the forethought to have some of the cards drilled so that they could also be used as hang tags. The original pen illustrations were done by my super creative husband and then a lot of time and energy was put into recreating them digitally. Thanks so much!

I’ve got a lot of products completed for the show which seems to be coming up so fast. Only two weeks to go. What will I do with my time once it’s over.

One thing will be to make some things for my friend’s daughter. We are doing a trade, design work for handmade items. I’m thinking of a fairy tale theme for her since she likes “things on things”. Unfortunately, this sweet little family is moving to Nova Scotia very soon so I will have to post it all to them. So sad for all of us in Vancouver but good for them since they will be closer to family.

I will have some tea cosies, child-sized aprons, bibs, child-sized placemat and napkin sets, and softies at the show. If you are in town it would be great to see you there! I’m hoping to post them on flickr over the next week or so.

Should be a wonderfully warm long weekend full of making, picking, beaching and barbequing.


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  1. Oh, YAY! for your shop!

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