funny food

We have survived the last few sugar-filled days of preschool and we are back on our food holiday. I tell you, after a full week and a half of no sugar, corn, peanut butter, dairy and reduced amounts of wheat, my little guy was a much happier and reasonable fellow. The past two days with potlucks and celebrations have been a bit nutty and I’ve had to give in to all kinds of things that I would rather not. Tomorrow we try again.

The crafty crow is having a funny food contest so I dug up these photos of cupcakes that Will and I made a few years ago. They were so much fun to make and we shared them with friends so that we didn’t eat too much sugar.

More recently, I’ve discovered that one way to get my picky eater to munch his whole grains and veggies is to make mealtimes fun. It started with bento boxes for preschool lunches and then morphed into egg salad island, floating in a sea of rice crackers with a lone parsley tree in the middle. The latest is this friendly guy made from a rice cake, goat cheese, and various fruits and veggies. I hope I can keep it up, cause he sure cleans his plate!


2 responses to “funny food

  1. you know, when I saw these cupcakes, I thought, how is he going to eat those?! Glad they were from years past. I love the funny egg guy face!

  2. What a great idea – don’t look at my latest post – shocking one about sugar! I need to think up some healthy ideas like you!

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