a very special newborn

This weekend we were so very lucky to be among the first to visit the sweetest little baby beluga. She was born at the aquarium on Tuesday. First thing on Saturday we lined up early for a sneak peek. I was impressed by how hard the staff worked to create a calm and respectful environment for the new mom and her baby. I was also surprised by how emotional the whole experience was. We even saw them nursing. It was so special. The similarities between whales and humans are remarkable. I was particularly interested to find out that whales nurse their young for up to two years! I guess I must be a whale mama at heart.


One response to “a very special newborn

  1. aww it’s a lovely photograph. i also felt very emotional when i first saw the little one. it felt pretty special and it was something my little guy had been looking forward to. i was so excited to tell him the news and show him the birth video. He was sad because he wanted to actually be at the birth. awww we made plans to visit immediately. it’s pretty great how they’ve managed to keep somewhat of a sacred space (best that you can in an aquarium).

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