We miss you. We miss that little white spot on your lip that made you look like you had been into something. We miss your fur that was softer than anything. William misses playing follow the leader with you. I miss how you could help yourself to catnip in the jar. I miss your weight on my hip as I fell asleep. I even miss your little claw poking me in the middle of the night when I forgot to feed you. I’m glad I was able to hold you one more time. I wish I could hold you again.

“I wish she could be here for one more tomorrow mommy. I didn’t get to teach her to play fetch.”

Me too.


3 responses to “sophie

  1. We’re so sorry for your loss. Little boy and I (daddy, too) lost a 15 year-old chocolate lab last spring. It was really, really tough.

  2. You were only 20 when Sophie was born. She was with you through so many tough times and good times too. I am so sorry she left like she did. It is never easy to lose a friend of 15 years.
    It isn’t easy being a mom when your child is hurting either. As you now know that being a mom isn’t always easy but once you are a mom you are always a mom no matter how old your child gets and when they hurt, you hurt and when they cry, you cry. You just want to fix it and kiss the hurt away. Just know that I love you and I hurt for you and I cry for you and I want to make the hurt go away but only time will do that.
    It’s a lovely picture you have of her and maybe it needs to be framed. I will be doing that with Jesse and Ginger’s pictures and maybe our other cats that have left us. It hurts, but the memories are what gets me through when I think of them.

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