Anyone who knows me well knows that my ability to work easily with technology ended some time in the mid eighties. I can program a VCR with my eyes closed but give me anything manufactured after 1990 and I am useless. I’m not sure why I lost the ability to troubleshoot digital technology but there it is, everyone has their limitations.

So, while I was absolutely thrilled to receive a beautiful 13 inch macbook and airport express router for mother’s day, I have been more than a little frustrated with the process of getting it going. So much for plug and play. It has taken me over a week to get the things up and running. After numerous phone calls to Apple and my ISP, I am now writing from the comfort of my kitchen table where it is warm and sunny rather than in the slightly dark, and cold basement office. I am glad that I stuck it out and didn’t throw it all out the window like I wanted to. It’s been an awful week. I’ve felt bad, Peter’s felt bad and yet surprisingly none of the unhelpful people we spoke with felt bad. I was amazed at how little sympathy and understanding we received from the so-called support. Thankfully, I managed to get a very nice person at Apple and yet another one at Telus and now we are all good to go. Hooray!

On another note, I am working my way through this book and I’m having mixed results. The boule that I made this morning looks fabulous but what you can’t see from the picture is that it is only about the size of a large bun and hardly a loaf. Hopefully I can figure it out because some of the recipes look absolutely delicious and I’m excited to try a pain d’epi next.


One response to “hurdles

  1. Hi. I have to laugh about your technology prowess. I am just shy of a Luddite and thankfully my husband is a programmer or I would be typing on an old fashioned typewriter!

    As for your gorgeous, albeit small loaf, I may have a few suggestions for your next attempt. Just cut off a larger piece next time and shape it just as you did, let it rise longer before baking and you should have a loaf that is the right size for you.

    When you go to make your pan d’epi check out the pictures on how to shape it.

    Have fun and let me know how the next loaf comes out. Don’t forget to print out the errata sheet before you make your way through the book.

    Thanks for trying the bread! Zoë

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