bee watching

So the garden seems to be surviving well. We have peas, onions, radishes, tomatoes, lettuce and carrots all starting to sprout. This weekend I hope to get some red runner beans and butternut squash in the ground. I know it all sounds terribly ambitious but the square foot method really is easier. I walk past the cute little boxes all the time and I’m motivated to keep them looking cute.

Across the back row I’ve planted eight sunflowers and they are sprouting too. Since they have actually survived all of the crazy weather we’ve been having, I’ve decided to join the sunflower project that I read about from Melissa. I’m looking forward to seeing those little industrious fellows in our back yard.


2 responses to “bee watching

  1. Yay! hurrah for the bees! I tried to post, but my comment went to another post (teddy bear one)- want to delete it?

  2. owlandpussycat

    I’m sorry about the problem with the comments. I have been told by wordpress that it’s a bug in the theme that I am using and I should just change themes since they don’t know when it will be fixed. But I really like the blog the way it is and I’m reluctant to change. So as long as it doesn’t bother folks too much I’d like to wait it out. Thoughts?

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