you’re gonna make it after all

This is my mom and I when I was about five or six I think, on a trip to Victoria. It was a difficult time in our lives but there is a Mary Tyler Moore kind of hope about this picture. I love the saturated over-exposed colours and the fantastic outfit that she is wearing. I remember a lot of flowing pantsuits and halter-tops. It was the seventies after all.

My mom has always tried to wear the latest fashion trends, even if it meant making them herself. Having the will and the need to create is a gift that I got from my mom and my maternal grandma as a child. They were both always making and baking. We always had homemade jam and often freshly baked bread to put it on. It never occurred to me that everyone didn’t live this way.

No matter what my hair-brained creative pursuits involved, I was usually allowed to followed through with them. Even if it meant dyeing the poodle pink, using up the toilet paper to make casts for Barbies or saving bricks from the garage to build a doll swimming pool. Fabric scraps were always fair game and I am still using my mom’s sewing machine, for which I am truly grateful. I was raised with the permission to follow my interests whatever they were. It is only now that I realize what a gift that was. I am very grateful to have come from a family of strong, creative, resourceful women. I hope I can help my little boys to find and develop their creative dreams too. Thanks mom!


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