big big grandma

When William was about two or so, he was trying to understand the concept of great grandma. For a two-year-old this can be pretty confusing. So in the end my eighty pound, 5 foot grandma ended up being called “big big grandma”. Of course, we all thought this was hilarious and it stuck.

My mom reminded me that big big grandma liked pin cushions. So I made one for her for mother’s day.

She is not the grandma that taught me to sew or bake. She is the grandma who raised three boys and could never really figure out what to do with a shy, bookish plain Jane. But she always kept on trying to connect. She taught me to wash potatoes and carrots with a broom and a bucket. I remember running races with her and she always won. She would hang upside down from the monkey bars and encourage me to do the same. We share a love of gherkins and she always had them out on the table when we had meals at her house.

She is one of the most organized people that I know. She loves square dancing, and frilly, girly, pink things like the little bloomers and skirts that square dancers wear. So a pin cushion for her had to be pink. But since I am not a frilly, girly person, I used a simple natural linen on the back. But I made sure to put a shiny pink pearl button in the middle. Incidentally, it comes with a bit of baby drool too. I hope she likes it.

Happy Mother’s Day Grandma!


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