There has been a lot of making going on around here. I finished the materials for William’s school but forgot to take a picture. I’m relieved that they were happy with them. I’ve never done commissioned hand work like that before so it was a bit nerve-wracking.

I’ve been getting ready for spring around here and making a lot of household things like curtains, pillows, placemats etc. . . but the rain always seems to come when I have a minute to photograph. But today, I made a pin cushion and a little felt block for the baby and I was able to capture them.

I picked up a copy of SouleMama‘s book at the library over the weekend and read it in one evening. There are so many ideas that I hope to use in our little home. This block is just a small one. I love how she has found a way to integrate her passion for making things into her family life. So much of the time I feel like my sewing is using up time that I could be spending with the children or Peter. But this weekend I was grateful to have a few moments of side-by-side making with William. He drew a picture of a jellyfish while I worked on the machine next to him. I’m really going to try to do more of this kind of activity. He is really interested in learning about sewing, and he is much more interested in drawing and painting now so I think this kind of quiet work will be good for both of us.

I am so grateful to all of the online mama’s that work so hard to simplify their lives and share their creativity and ideas with all of us. I am in awe of the Soule family and their ability to keep the wonder of childhood alive in such a natural way. Thank you Amanda for sharing.

I was also inspired by all of the crafty folks at Got Craft. I was lucky enough to spend a few minutes there on the weekend while the older one was with his auntie at the aquarium. It’s funny how once you have had two children, when you only have one with you it seems like a holiday.

There was such a relaxed and happy vibe at the show. I’m wishing though that I would have bought some things. I love these fabulous enameled pendants. I just might have to get one at the next Farmer’s Market. I also loved the prints by Track & Field Design. I have way too much yarn in my stash, but I’m craving some of this. When the cooler weather comes.


One response to “making

  1. I love the new stuffy. I think you will do well with it. I also love the pin cushion. It’s very cute! You know how dad is abuot never finding a pin around here. He grew up with grandma’s pin cushion on the wall and she still has one on her wall. She would probably love to have one of yours, I know I would.
    I am glad to be able to read your thought on things and maybe I will start a blog too. I don’t know how but I am sure I can find out. We just don’t seem to have time to talk about the little things that to me are big when it comes to knowing who you are as an adult. I want to know how you feel about life and being a mom, which by the way you are doing a great job! I am very proud of you. Love Mom

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