what we learned

Still keeping busy without a TV, we took advantage of the warm weather on Saturday by taking an aquabus over to Granville Island. We visited the open house at the cement works and had a chance to climb into a front end loader. This kind of thing is very exciting for a boy of five. Once inside he said “Daddy, where are the keys?” “How are we going to make it go?” I just love the five year old brain.

We finished up our TV free week on Sunday night. All-in-all a very positive experience. We are not big TV watchers to begin with (maybe a couple of hours a week) but it was nice to think about the role TV plays in our lives. Here’s an example. I had to run a few errands yesterday and my husband was going to look after the children. Turning on the TV would have been a lot easier for him since it was raining but he stuck with it. I came home after an hour and a half to find a very happy family reading stories on the couch. An elaborate wooden train route was set up in the family room and my son was very excited to show me his secret lab. Clearly a lot of imaginative play had gone on while I was out. We avoided the usual whining which seems to be the result of the inactivity of TV-watching and daddy had a chance to really connect with the boys. I think it will be an annual event for us as a reminder to practice mindfulness and slow things down.


3 responses to “what we learned

  1. Oh I am so glad that you enjoyed your week! I really like your conclusion: mindfulness and being aware of when and why the TV goes on is key. Thanks so much for joining in, and for reporting back!

  2. I love the pin cushion for big big grandma. I am sure she will too. I am making a mother’s day card out of the picture and the writeup because otherwise she will never see what you wrote. It brought me and dad to tears and I think she should know too! Love you lots Mom

  3. I think you were about 3 when that picture was taken and I was MUCH younger then! I have always wanted you and your sister to follow your dreams no matter where they take you. It will always be an adventure when you do. I know you are both very talented and I don’t want you to wait til you are my age before you use your talents to the limits. The sky is the limit is what they used to say but you can go much further now. Grandma loved the pin cushion! Told you she would. She hasn’t received the card yet but when she does I will let you know what she says.

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